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Racial slurs have no place in football

By Judith LeBlanc

The leaves are changing. The scent of pumpkin spice

Immigrants expecting urgent action

By Lauren McCauley

In a 2-to-1 decision, a federal appeals court on

Being ‘let out’ may not equal freedom

By Sarah Lazare
As the Department of Justice began transferring more…

Día de Muertos

Call for artist submissions

The Weekly Issue/El Semanario newspaper is issuing a call to artists interested in having their artwork and creative photography published in the bilingual weekly’s print and online editions. Interested artists will be compensated for work that is published. Interested artists...
Posted On 26 Feb 2015

Using teatro as a communal therapy

By Ramón Del Castillo, PhD   I went on a mental and spiritual sojourn last week at History Colorado during an Evening of Performances and Discussion on Chicano Teatro.  Past images of performing teatro in community centers...
Posted On 19 Nov 2015

Citizens in Puerto Rico must not be forgotten

By Janet Murguía   “We feel like we are a forgotten people in a forgotten land.” Those were the poignant and sadly accurate words of a small business owner to a New York Times reporter back in July about the dire …
Posted On 19 Nov 2015

Call for global separation of Church and State

Recently, the Secular Policy Institute (SPI), a think-tank and advocacy organization, readied another in a slew of recent Advocacy Campaigns in support of the freedom of speech and thought throughout the world. The current region in jeopardy? The National Congress...
Posted On 24 Sep 2015

The heroic resistance: Besieged by fracking

By Javier Sierra


If I were a presidential candidate (fat chance!) and someone asked me whom I admire the most, I would answer any of the hundreds of heroes who defend their communities against a daily toxic bombardment.…

Posted On 06 Nov 2015

Protegiendo el planeta para futuras generaciones

Presidente Barack Obama


Nuestro país posee algunos de los paisajes creados por Dios más bellos del mundo. Hemos sido bendecidos con verdaderos tesoros naturales: desde el Parque Nacional Gran Tetón hasta el Gran Cañón, desde bosques...

Posted On 30 Oct 2015

Connection: I was made of this water and soil

By Asnoldo Benítez


While with friends on a three-day backpacking trip this summer from the Indian Peaks Wilderness to the Rocky Mountain National Park I was reflecting on a question asked to me some time ago. I found myself …

Posted On 22 Oct 2015

Parras receives environmental justice award

The Sierra Club presented environmental hero Juan Parras of Houston, TX, with its annual Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award in recognition for his tireless and courageous fight for the wellbeing and dignity of communities who suffer some of the most …

Posted On 01 Oct 2015