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Deportations Are a Shocking Overreach of Authority

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested more than 600 immigrants in the past week as part

Anti-Immigration Stance Has Broad Reach in NM, Nation

As the White House’s anti-immigration stance stokes fears along the border, it’s also highlighting the

Hungry in América: I’m One of Them

42 million Americans experience hunger each year. I’m one of them.

I wake up and sense the space heater

‘Global Gag Rule’ Attacks Women Worldwide

President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order reinstating a policy critics call the Global Gag

Tucson Immigrants’ Rights Advocates ...

Dozens of protesters serenaded Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office with patriotic songs on Sunday as a way of speaking out against the latest wave of immigration raids that swept up hundreds of people in six states over five days last …
Posted On 16 Feb 2017

Remembering Rep. Bob García

It is with profound sadness that we learned of the passing of former Rep. Bob García of New York. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) worked closely with Rep. García during his tenure in Congress on education, civil rights …
Posted On 16 Feb 2017

Human Trafficking: What Can I Do?

It’s happening as you read this, in multiple corners of the globe: Somewhere, children are picking cotton in blazing hot fields. Women and men are forced to weave textiles in appalling conditions under an ever-present threat of abuse. Trafficking victims, …
Posted On 26 Jan 2017

Massive Rallies Staged Across México

Tens of thousands of Mexicans protested Sunday against the current US President, hitting back at his anti-Mexican rhetoric and his depictions of them as “rapists” and “criminals” and to demand “the respecting of México”. “México must be respected, Mr Trump,”...
Posted On 16 Feb 2017

The Ferocious Resistance

While a terrified world witnesses the first days in office of that trainwreck known as the Trump “administration,” another threat silently unfolds before our eyes. Big Oil won the 2016 election and now it’s drooling over the size of the …

Posted On 09 Feb 2017

Thank You, President Obama

The eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency are now over. Donald Trump’s inauguration is upon us. This momentous transition, with global implications at an historic scale, deeply affects Earthjustice and every other organization dedicated to protecting our rights, our health...

Posted On 19 Jan 2017

Don’t Be Fooled by Deception and Distraction

I’m not sure how many things you’d get Michael Bloomberg, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney to agree on, but they did all say the same thing about Donald Trump: He’s a con man. As the chaotic disaster of his presidency …

Posted On 05 Jan 2017

Our Health, Environment at Risk

The selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA, the agency charged with protecting our health and environment, is a dangerous and troubling choice. The EPA Administrator must protect our environmental laws and act in our best …

Posted On 21 Dec 2016